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There are a variety of ways that a pressure washer can transform the look of your residential property. With the proper equipment and knowledge, you can discover a driveway that looks better than you’ve ever seen, remove the moss from your roof, fully clean the siding of your home, and more.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Whether you run a restaurant, gas station, apartment building, or anything else; we have the equipment and know-how to clean it and keep your building up to standard. Our commercial power washing services range from parkade cleaning to property maintenance needs.

Our Services & Offers


House Washing - from $399

Utilizing the proper product and lower pressures, so as not to damage your house, we’ll get rid of any mould, mildew, algae, and grime living on your home giving it a brand-new look. Discover the difference our house-washing services can make today!


Roof & Gutter Cleaning - From $499

Similar to your house, your roof is a delicate structure that requires special attention to detail as well as a delicate cleaning method. That’s why our soft washing technique will leave your roof looking spotless, without the risk of damage.


Driveway Cleaning - From $249

Being driven on by your vehicles can have your driveway quickly build up with dirt and grime, mould and mildew, algae, and more. But fear not, your driveway is no match for our equipment and superior experience. We’ll have it looking new in no time.


Fence and Deck Cleaning - From $299

Over time, your deck and fencing attract contaminants of all sorts, which drastically reduce the look of your property. With North Vancouver Pressure Washing, you’ll see a side to your deck and fencing that you’ve never seen before in your life!


Parkade Cleaning - Get in Contact

If you manage a heavily trafficked building, apartment complex, mall, or anything else, you know just how quickly your parkade/parking lot gets dirty. We can come by on a recurring basis to ensure your parkade has never looked before, and continues to.


Commercial Services - GEt in Contact

There are lots of ways a professional pressure washer can transform a commercial client’s property; such as a restaurant or other business storefront, property manager, or anything else. Get in touch today to learn more!

What To Expect

So you’re interested in working with North Vancouver Pressure Washing. But what’s the next step of the process, and what can you expect when you make the decision to trust us with your property? Here we’ll outline exactly that! 

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Once you’ve told us about what you’re looking to get cleaned, we’ll give you a zero-pressure quote. We itemize our quotes, so you know what the investment is for each service individually. 

Schedule Your Cleaning

Once you’ve made your decision on which services you’d like to move forward with, we can schedule your cleaning for a day and time that is convenient for both you and us.

We Work Until You're Happy

If you’ve made the decision to work with us, your satisfaction is the only thing we’re worried about. If you’re not happy, we’ll do what it takes to make it right, within our agreement.


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